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Come alive this Easter
Easter, the most attended Sunday of the year, is a best time of the year to build community image, awareness and to begin new relationships. To see the Easter campaigns and schedule click the link below .
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We're now averaging 75-100 new
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~ Jody Conley, Allen Baptist

Mindstorm: The 1-2-3 of Effective Easter Outreach
Easter is about decisions with history-making implications. We live in one of the most tumultuous times in recent memory. I don't have to highlight the news or list the challenges most families are facing these days. But the fact is, right now we have enormous opportunities to make bold decisions that can change people's lives forever.


18 Factors That Can Really Impact Easter
For my part, I've invested just 30 years, but the churches we've partnered with over those years have combined to invest a whole lot more into the learning experiences that uncovered these marketing and ministry success factors. I offer them here in this form to energize and inform your planning.  Any one of them could make a key difference in your very next initiative.  All of them...well, I can only imagine.

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Withreach: Part of Our Journey is the Definition Itself
George Barna recently reported that over the last decade, as a percentage of the population, there was zero gain in the number of Christians in America, despite the fact that $500 billion was spent on domestic ministry during that same period!
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