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Masterpiece Destiny is a total brand identity with exclusive media content all in one package. Never before have we seen a campaign connect so well with the unchurched.

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The Church Marketing Revolution...
Fall Outreach Including Harvest Festival
We'd love to partner with you this Fall in reaching the heart of your community. This back-to-school season is a pivotal time for families and individuals as they look for stability and a renewed sense of community. Following are strategies with examples of supporting campaigns that effectively communicate to people's heart-felt needs including Halloween alternatives. 
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A recent testimonial...
We're now averaging 75-100 new visitors coming each week!read more arrow

~ Jody Conley
Allen Baptist
Why Church Websites Don't Work
Your web presence is the sleeping giant of your ministry. Most people will visit your website long before considering a face-to-face visit. So what kind of web presence connects and draws people in and through to the life of your church? You will need to become an online village. A church's online environment needs to become the 24/7 hub of all social and ministry activity.

To do that, here are the 12 key factors that will change, positively or negatively, the kind of ministry growth platform you build. Visit our Dreamfire site to get the article.

Masterpiece Destiny is setting new standards for effectiveness in both image building and in generating first time visitors. It's unique in that it provides a total brand identity with exclusive media content all in one package. Never before have we seen a campaign connect so well with the unchurched.

Our latest and most ambitious upgrade to the programs adds new media components and message copy.
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The Greatest Mistake of Outreach
A bold promise: the approach described in this article can revolutionize your ministry. By adopting the principles and approaches described here, you can begin a progression toward a movement that can transform your church and eventually, your community!

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article 3 Withreach: Part of Our Journey is the Definition Itself
George Barna recently reported that over the last decade, as a percentage of the population, there was zero gain in the number of Christians in America, despite the fact that $500 billion was spent on domestic ministry during that same period!
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