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Effective and strategic direct mail solutions.
Masterpiece Destiny is setting new standards for effectiveness in both image building and in generating first time visitors. It's unique in that it provides a total brand identity with exclusive media content all in one package. Never before have we seen a campaign connect so well with the unchurched.

Our latest and most ambitious upgrade to the programs adds new media components and message copy.
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7 Summers to Change History 
We've set the next six years as the most critical, for in 2014 the largest wave of Generation Y will either be reached and discipled for Christ or will then be at an age (statistically) much more difficult to win. This Summer as we turn our attention towards children's activities we want to provide fun yet meaningful programs to reach children at this critical time.

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Withreach: Part of Our Journey is the Definition Itself
George Barna recently reported that over the last decade, as a percentage of the population, there was zero gain in the number of Christians in America, despite the fact that $500 billion was spent on domestic ministry during that same period!
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