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Reach the heart with proven strategies: church postcard designs with complete turn-key service.

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Postcard Portfolios
Christmas Themes (40)
Church Planting (7)
Easter Themes (62)
Purpose Themes (20)
Masterpiece Destiny (11)
Summer Themes (30)
Custom Design (new)
Mother's Day (4)
Community Themes (22)
Father's Day (3)
January Themes (4)
Celebrating Diversity (5)
Patriotic Themes (3)
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Free custom design:
Don't see a campaign that meets your particular need? We offer complete custom campaigns with consultation at no extra cost.

Our turn-key delivered price includes everything:
a researched, well-designed direct mail campaign, personalising and production, printing, list acquisition, labeling, sorting, postage and mailing
at the lowest price.

2 Things we won't do:

1. Create campaigns that depreciate other churches, make comparisons, and undermine local church unity.

2. License the same media materials to more than one church in an area. We insure that your community outreach campaign is absolutely unique, exclusively licensed to your church alone.


Masterpiece Destiny is a total brand identity with exclusive media content all in one package. Never before have we seen a campaign connect so well with the unchurched.


Postcards are full color on both sides

Oversize postcards: 8.5" x 6"

Exclusive license in your
market area for one year

Full postcard customizing
no extra charge.

Free color map design

Free Church Logo with
permanent license

Covers and reverse
sides may be mixed
and matched

Companion media
available (print ads,
brochures, posters,
billboards, websites)
Free Coaching and Long-
range Planning

Tactical and Long-range

free coaching

Free Demographics Report
Cluster mapping down to the carrier route and neighborhood level with printable maps.
Reserve Your Place Online
To hold a specific campaign in your area or call 800-595-4327.

Order Postcards
Create your card online

Postcard Pricing
Lowest Price Guarantee!

Church Postcards and Direct Mail
Increase awareness, build image, and see
direct results...nothing works as well, or as cost-effectively as saturation mailers!



Reach the heart of the unchurched with proven direct mail campaigns that go beyond the usual to connect deeply in the things that really matter.


Choose from some of the most effective mailers.

Customize your mailer online.

Lowest possible direct mail cost ... anywhere!

Complete turn-key service...we do it all.

Exclusive one-year license... no other church in your area has your campaign.

Plan a year's schedule in advance with our cost-effective Annual Plan... we’ll manage it for you!

package include

Coaching and long-range planning
Campaign management for your complete outreach plan
Custom design, you can change the design on either side,
change any photo, headline, or body copy.
Full color on both sides.
Researched, field-tested, proven content
An exclusive license ... you own your campaign!
A full color map...designed and also sent to you for your
own use.
A licensed Logo design from our Identity Portfolio
Complete turn-key service... design, printing, list, mail
processing, project management...we do it all.
Guaranteed lowest price!

Our Partner Plan that provides the most holistic solution to all of your marketing and cityreaching needs.

We provide a turn-key delivered price that includes everything... a research-based, expertly designed direct mail piece, customizing of stock designs or a full custom design at no extra charge, production, printing, list acquisition, labeling, sorting, postage, mailing and followup.

One Pastor's
Break- through Experience:
Listen now

"We're now averaging 75-100 new visitors coming each week! We ran a series of three postcards in our community over the last year. 80% of our visitors specifically indicate that they came as a result of our media campaign. We were running about 400 before Christmas and now averaging over 520 in attendance (just before Easter)."

Jody Conley
Allen Baptist, Allen, KY


Call 800-595-4327 or
Reserve online here

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"...330 visitors to our Celebration Sunday."

Pastor Keith Boyette
Wilderness Community Church

"I'm convinced these campaigns are the finest outreach tools available to churches today. Their artistry and messages defy comparison ...there's nothing in the same

Pastor Jeff Adams
Kansas City Baptist Temple

"...when 390 showed up, we were shocked. Five weeks later we are still averaging over 200 people in our worship service."

Pastor Hal Haller
Church of the Highlands

"Over the last two years we've added 350 new members and our investment in outreach media has been returned sevenfold per year!"

Pastor David Norman
Centerville UMC

"Easter had 740 visitors total… usual attendance is 400.  We gained bout 40 new adult attenders."

Pastor Greg Chastain
JPL Bible Church

"Over the last two years we've added 350 new members and our investment in outreach media has been returned sevenfold per year!"

Pastor David Norman
Centerville UMC

"We are planning on using your service for future advertising needs. We were very satisfied."

Pastor Dan Miller
Grace Fellowship

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