A powerful outreach tool used as a stand alone promotion or to used as a tie in to your direct mail promotion, sometimes doubling and tripling your results.


RealCall™ Works!

RealCall™ is a computerized message delivery service capable of placing your prerecorded message (in its entirety) on answering machines or voice mail! RealCall™ messages sound so real that people will think you took the time to call them personally!

RealCall's Patent Pending software launches your message at the precise moment the answering machine begins recording... to hear a sample of a RealCall™ delivered message call... 800-619-0634

Our current system capacity allows us to place over one million RealCalls each day! Let us show you why RealCall™ will be the most successful church marketing tool in the US today!

Support Direct Mail Campaigns

Increase response rates by using RealCallTM to alert direct mail recipients that they will be receiving important information from you in the mail within the next few days. Using RealCall™ to support direct mail is proven to double your response rate!

Increase direct mail response with RealCall™. Let direct mail recipients know that an important letter or postcard is on the way with a RealCall™ message delivered to their answering machine. We guarantee that they will be looking for mail from your church to arrive in their mailbox.


Draw Attention to Special Events

Increase awareness of your special events by leaving messages inviting members to attend. The "personal" invitation they receive (via RealCall™) will dramatically increase response to your events!


Make your members feel like VIPs

Build loyalty by offering your members information via RealCall™. Calls that have been recorded by someone within your organization will make members feel as though someone important took the time to call them personally. Members will appreciate that someone took the time to call them!

Use RealCall™ to keep your member's informed. RealCall™ is the perfect way to remind your member's about your a special event. To hear a sample RealCall™ message call.



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